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Origins & Sovereigns

The village of Todmorden is located at the base of Bottom’s Green Plateau and the Tront Mountain Range. Halflings (the Todmor clan) settled the hamlet of Todmorden several generations back. With the expansion of the human Nidal Empire the once small hamlet began to grow as a contingent of humans began to settle there. It is now a village.

The sovereign of Todmorden is Remi Todmor. He is the patriarch of the Todmor clan.

Economy & Taxes

There are no taxes in the village of Todmorden. This is very a-typical but as this is an a-typical community (being based in large part on a Halflings community it is accepted.

Civil Climate & Laws

Generally speaking the village has a casual attitude towards civil order. As a large portion of the population are related many matters are taken to the patriarch for resolution.

There is some tension between the Halflings and human residents with the Halflings being somewhat resentful of the human intrusion into their home. With Halflings being so good natured it has never amounted to more than some salty words.

Prominent Establishments & Personalities

Within the village of Todmorden there are a few prominent people and places that everyone is familiar with. Following is a list of prominent locations and people associated with them:


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