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The Bardook Kingdom isn’t so much a kingdom in the conventional sense but rather a loose collection of related tribes that control regions within the kingdom’s boarders. All these tribes are related by blood and there patriarchal hierarchy. The Bardook king is known as the Konungr. His name is Thorgrim Ragisson. The borders of the kingdom are porous at best and quite fuzzy. The southern border of the kingdom lays the Nidal Empire and to the north is the Mirst Sea. To west lays the Tront Mountain Range and to the east the Shadowed Barrens. Being located on the northern coast of Krobir Cay (as the Bardook call the continent) makes the Bardook kingdom one of the northern most nations.

The Bardook are pagans. They worship a pantheon of multiple gods and goddesses, each one representing some aspect of the world as they experience it. These are gods are of the winter, the sea, the thunder and lightning, and so on. They are in tune with nature and life. They are renowned warriors known for having a berserker rage in battle. Their warriors favor axes and hammers. They live the code of the warrior; bravery and honor are their trademark. Additionally, they are excellent sailors and shipwrights. They have some of the most complete and accurate maps of the coastline.

They are poets and artisans as well and in their culture a good blacksmith and a good poet are equally acknowledged. The Bardook produce rich and diverse art forms and crafts. The women hold a strong position in Bardook society and are responsible for the farm when their men were abroad. The symbol of the powerful housewife is her keys, hung from her gown. If her husband took the keys from his wife, she could divorce him instantly, and keep their shared property. No women are forced into marriages, unlike most other cultures.

If there is one weakness it is their distrust of magic and the written word. The Bardook do not use magic at all for any reason. That said they are all devote to their faith and it is said that their warriors are blessed warriors. That is supposedly what gives them their prowess. The Bardook also do not have a written language in the conventional sense. They do have a language of sorts; it is ruins which are usually carved into stones.

Bardook Kingdom

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