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Origins & Sovereigns

Wanting to expand his dominion Emperor Tybalt commanded that an outpost be created in the Bottom. And so the village of Wintershold and Wintershold Keep were founded roughly 20 years ago. With roughly 325 souls this small village and keep are situated on the edge of the Bottom near a raised area call Velp’s Rise with Wintershold Keep being on the rise. The village has a sturdy wooden wall around it with guard towers. Another wooden wall surrounds the Keep proper which also has guard towers. The keep itself is made of stone.

The sovereign of Wintershold is Sir Hardegin Aldus. He resides in Wintershold Keep with his wife Lady Ethemea and their son Tobin. Entrance to the Keep grounds is restricted but Sir Hardegin visits the village almost everyday and is well liked by all. He is a fair and compassionate ruler.

Economy & Taxes

The village has a healthy economy which primarily exports food, precious metals, gems, and jewelry. The primary imports for the village include farm implements, armor, and weapons. With a bustling economy and growth come the guilds. At this time only the largest and most prominent guilds have made a presence in Wintershold (the Jade Knights, adventurers, and merchants) but in time more will open shop. Having a strong economy, the population is easily about to afford the monthly tax of 60 Pense which is collect by the Catchpole the 1st of each month.

Civil Climate & Laws

Generally speaking, the population lives in harmony with itself with only the odd fight happening now and again. Most of the disputes happen between the relatively transient population of adventurers and the locals but even those are uncommon.

There is a healthy adventurer population as the mountains hold the promise of fame and fortune. It is from this population that the village gets what racial diversity it has. Other than then nonhuman adventurers the town’s population is all human.

As this is a border town the laws are kept simple: Don’t cheat, steal, fight, use offensive magic, or harm anyone except in matters of self defense and of course pay your taxes and for all goods and services. To keep the peace there are two Constables to handle almost all legal matters. Should an issue arise that they can not handle or need guidance on they refer to Sir Hardegin himself.

Prominent Establishments & Personalities

Within the village of Wintershold there are a few prominent people and places that everyone is familiar with. Following is a list of prominent locations and people associated with them:


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