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Origins & Sovereigns

The Nidal Empire has been ruled by the Nidal family for over 400 years and is a modest nation of Erda (slightly larger that Great Britain) with a good sized population. Nidal has a strong military and is well respected within the region and known as a fair and just nation. Emperor Riken ruled the empire with a firm and even hand until his passing about 25 years ago. Now the empire is ruled by his son Tybalt Nidal. While Emperor Tybalt has not changed the way the empire is run in any meaningful way he is not as well liked as his father. He is more reclusive and reserved than Emperor Riken.

Nidal is a land locked nation with other nations bordering it in all directions save the northwest. Bardook Kingdom is on Nidal’s north border. To the northeast and east lay the Elves of Corym Magbella. Clan Thunderforge lays to the west and southwest. To the south and southeast is the Sailmound Confederacy. All of these nations have trade agreements and are on good terms with each other as well as Nidal. Being situated in the center of all of these nations has made Nidal a natural trade hub and the empire has benefited accordingly.

Monetary System

The monetary standard is copper (Pence or Denar) however silver (Sixpence or Shilling) and gold (Crown or Sovereign) are also struck into currency. The population centers of the Nidal Empire take part in the promissory note system of the Knights of the Jade Brotherhood.

Nidal Empire

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