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  • Wintershold Ash House

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    The Ash House Alliance is one of the adventurer’s guilds of the realm and the only one within Wintershold. The alliance was founded by [[:christoph-ash | Christoph Ash]] out of his house with his associate [[:marek-bricot | …

  • Marek Bricot

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    In his youth he admired the Knights of the realm but had no way to be a knight. He came to know [[:christoph-ash | Christoph Ash]] and befriended him. In time Christoph trained Marek and he became a skilled and powerful …

  • Sir Christoph Ash

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    Christoph is the man for whom the [[Ash House Alliance]] is named for. He was a man who came from wealth and the knight system and even though he was a knight he didn't like to go by Sir. He grew even more wealthy from …