Fox Hunt
Home Sweet Home: Session 4

In the aftermath of the assault on Wintershold the party split up for a time. Matt’s character along with a few others of the party awaited the arrival of Mogloret with the cart from Todmorden while the rest of the party was sent on an information gathering mission to a nearby Bugbear den.

The party found a small den of Bugbears. In that den they were able to recover a map with what looked like a battle plan for the assault on Wintershold in addition to some other documents and books. They also discovered a number of Goblins which were apparently the prisoners of the Bugbears. All of these items and prisoners were brought back to the Wintershold. The adventure left off with the party arriving at the gate for Wintershold.

Once More onto the Breach
Home Sweet Home: Session 3

The party made its way back to Wintershold. Along the way they were ambushed by a sizable group of Bugbears which they were able to vanquish. The party then continued on to Wintershold. They were met with a dismissive attitude at the gate until Matt’s character charmed the Captain of the Gate Thomas Longrove. The party was able to convince him to close the gate which as fate would have it seemed to be a critical event in the defense of the town.

The party met with Sir Aldus and were able to convince him of the pending attack. As the attack was well underway Sir Aldus sent the party out a scouting mission to investigate the enemy. During their mission the party took note of a dark figure on horseback that seemed to be coordinating the efforts.

The event proved unsuccessful and the town remains safe. The efforts of the party were essential to the success a fact of which Sir Aldus is keenly aware.

Well that's not right
Home Sweet Home: Session 2

The party arrived at Todmorden to find it under siege but a large band of Bugbears, Hob Goblins and Goblins. The party was quick to act coming to the defense of the town and its people. They joined the town guard as well as some fellow adventurers and proceeded to dispatch the attacking horde.

After the battle was over the party discovered that the attach was part of a coordinated to attack and wipe out the regional settlements of the friendly races of the region. Wintershold is next to be attacked.

We leave our band of adventurers as they prepare to journey back to Wintershold.

In the begining
Home Sweet Home: Session 1

The party met at the Ash House and were given a graduation mission. They were to escort a caravan to the settlement of Todmorden. There were a few minor incidents along the way but nothing our team could not handle.


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