Thorgrim Ragisson

Konungr (King) of the Bardook Kingdom


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Thorgrim is a mountain of a man. He stands almost 7 feet tall, tall for a human. He has a very long beard that is braided. He once had rich black hair but now it is turning silvery white. Once he was a strong, muscular man but now his muscles are softer and his waste-line a bit larger. He walks with a limp and wears an eye patch; both the result of a long and fruitful tenure as war chief. Even in the twilight of his life with a body in decline he is a force to be reckoned with.


Thorgrim has been the leader of the Bardook Kingdom for long time. He has a reputation for being a shrewd and cunning a leader as he is powerful a warrior. Thorgrim is a very charismatic leader with a gift for gab. He is generally very pleasant in his demeanor but he has been known to turn on a dime. Thorgrim values honor, reputation, and his clan about all else.

Thorgrim Ragisson

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