Sir Christoph Ash

Founder of the Ash House Alliance


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Christoph is the man for whom the Ash House Alliance is named for. He was a man who came from wealth and the knight system and even though he was a knight he didn’t like to go by Sir. He grew even more wealthy from a life of adventure. He was an honorable warrior first and foremost. One day an up-in-coming warrior asked Christoph to train and guide him. Christoph thought long and hard about the request. He sought options for instruction of such a warrior, someone who was not part of the Knight or military system, someone who wanted the skills but wanted to be his own master. Christoph could not find one. So he agreed to train the young man. This young man, Marek Bricot, grew in skill and prowess.

In time Chirstoph and Marek came to the realization that others could benefit by the kinds of training and guidance that Christoph gave to Marek. And so it was, the Ash House Alliance was formed. The Alliance was based out of the dwelling of Christoph, Ash House. The original Ash House still stands and is still the headquarters for the alliance.

Sir Christoph Ash

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